IF HOA Refuses to Pay to Rid Rats, Homeowners May Need Special Meeting

A condominium owner’s unit in Scottsdale has been invaded by roof rats. The management company for our HOA has refused to take the advice of a rodent company to seal all of the holes and possible entry points in the attics of our condominium building. The management company says that, because of the number of foreclosures and mortgage defaults in the building, there is not enough money to pay for a total sealing. The rodent company, however, will not guarantee that the rats have been removed unless there is a total sealing of our condominium building. Is there anything that can be done?

One of the effects of the current real estate market is that many residences, especially condominiums, are distressed properties and HOA dues are not being paid. The result is that many HOA’s are without funds to properly maintain their community. If the unit owner and other condominium owners want to pay for a total sealing of the condominium building, they should request a homeowner’s meeting to consider a special assessment of all of the homeowners to pay for this cost.


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